Trevor Wilson: VO

In a time not too different from our own (2010), in a town called Adrian, Michigan, Trevor Wilson was thrust into the world of theatre by his sister. A few years later, he combined the enthusiasm he had for acting with his hobby of providing voices to his video games to realize his true passion: voice acting. Character-wise, Trevor’s biggest role at this point in his career is Noah in Eyeris. Trevor has also found work providing on-hold messages and commercial work for the Gray Institute, as well as producing audiobooks on Audible and iTunes.


Capt. Barton

Trevor is the voice of Captain Dean Barton in Code 10-33, a podcast audio drama series from the Multiversal Podcasting Network.



Trevor plays Noah, the main character of Eyeris, a podcast audio drama series from the Herbarium Podcast Network.


Dragon Ball DC

Trevor provides the voices of Vegeta, Nappa, and Martian Manhunter for Geeks For Fun’s Dragon Ball DC series.